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Security Camera



Electronic Security Systems are the backbone of the safety and security initiatives of every facility. Systems need to be robust, reliable, and capable of supporting each end user in their specific workflows. Protection of critical assets, assessment of threats and relevant scenarios, redundancy in detection systems, and ensuring an organization’s security policies interact and rely on relevant technology are all elements of the security systems design process we’ve perfected over two decades of designing these systems for clients across all verticals.

The security systems must be able to integrate into the community in which they will become a part of. We take the time to understand existing protocol, security management policies, culture, and risk appetite. This ensures a smooth transition from old to new technologies and that the specified solution fits the specific use-case.

We leverage the integration of electronic security subsystems to create user-specific, fully integrated solutions that converge surveillance, access control, intrusion detection, user interfaces, security communication, and alarm strategies.

We ensure our client’s specific needs are heard and met. This frequently includes hearing public concerns and working closely with Security Stakeholders including local police and fire departments.


Security is more than cameras and alarms. We believe it's how communities and organizations can utilize the latest technology to fortify operations and develop new procedures to keep people and assets secure, during normal and emergency situations.



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