Converged Technology Systems are  ecosystems of switches, servers, software, end-users, wireless activity, closets, cables, and computers.
Each piece of this puzzle plays a vital role in the integrity of the overall system.
We design every facet of the Converged Technology System with an understanding of how each piece will interact.


Designing Technology Systems is about giving the end-user capability. The capability to send email, receive texts, protect documents, make phone calls, store videos, access teaching materials, share documents, view security systems, monitor AV systems, download software updates, and broadcast video, audio, and messages to coworkers, students, and colleagues all at the push of a button and from every location in the building.


To ensure these devices and functions can co-exist and work with zero down-time demands a deep understanding of the the servers,  switches,  software, their configuration, their firewalls, and the wireless devices that connect people and their devices to work seamlessly throughout the network.


At D'Agostino & Associates, we're proud to assist our clients in the design and installation of every aspect of these systems. As a Vendor Neutral consulting firm, we can offer solution based designs that inform every phase of the Technology Project, from the placement of the data outlets to the functionality the end-user receives long after the installation is complete.

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