Security is more than cameras and alarms,
we believe it's how communities and organizations can utilize the latest technology to fortify operations and develop new procedures to keep people and assets safe,
during normal and emergency situations.


The most delicate of systems to design for an emerging structure or organization is its security systems. Although public interest in security systems may be a recent phenomenon, the principles that guide sound security design should stand the test of time and be strong enough to protect organizations against threats both known and unknown. Protection of critical assets, assessment of threats and relevant scenarios, redundancy in detection systems, and ensuring an organization’s security policies interact and rely on relevant technology are all elements of the security systems we have been designing for our clients for over 18 years.


The philosophy that guides the security systems we design is one of integration. This has two meanings:


In a macro sense, our systems have to integrate into the community in which they will become a part of. We take the time to learn existing protocol, security management policies, and culture. This ensures a smooth transition into the new system. If this is the first security system, we take time to help design protocol and policies tailored to the organization that will adopt them.


In a micro sense, integration drives how we design each co-system of security. We believe the integration of access control, intrusion detection with panic button and lock down capabilities, video surveillance systems, emergency communications, and an organization’s digital network are essential. To truly design digital security systems, one must have expert knowledge on how all these systems interact.


We go to the greatest lengths to make sure our client’s needs are heard and met. In municipalities this frequently includes hearing public concerns and working closely with local police and fire departments.


At D’Agostino & Associates we are proud to offer these services to our clients.

Video Surveillance


Access Control


Intrusion Detection


Emergency Operation Planning


Global Security Doctrine Creation


Emergency Communication System


Preparation & Mitigation Strategy


Strategic Security Consulting


Security Operation Centers




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