The right Audio Visual Systems can help transform organizations into communities. We believe the best AV systems help end users share ideas, teach students in innovative ways, collaborate
with colleagues across the country,
 create memorable musical performances, and give  inspiring and informative presentations.


It can be easy to take for granted the way Audio Video innovations have shaped the way we learn, work, and collaborate over the last 20 years. Today, when people can create interactive media on their laptops, watch movies & lectures on their tablets, and call into video conferences from their smartphones, we believe the buildings they work, live, and learn in should have the capabilities to support these advancements.


Audio Video systems cover a wide array of applications including;

- Systems for Keynote Speakers

- Sound & Video Reinforcement Systems in Auditoriums to support Musicals and Concerts

- Long Distance Learning Systems where students never need to miss a lesson as long as they have access to Internet

- Simple, intuitve Video Conferencing Solutions that bring teams of collaborators in the same room regardless of their geographical location, and

- Interactive Classroom Learning Systems that keep learning innovative and fun.


Today, AV systems are being integrated into the Ethernet Networks of the buildings and communities they function in. Buildings that can only accomoddate simple microphone and speaker solutions are quickly becoming outdated and irrelevant. Conversely, never was it easier to overdesign these systems. The industry is flooded with new devices featuring new functionality almost daily. We believe discernment and a pragmatic approach to design has never been more valuable.


At D'Agostino & Assocaites, we combine our expertise in Audio Visual System Design and Network Architecture to create truly stunning, state-of-the-art systems that support the integrated and intuitive functionality that people have come to expect from the technology they interact with. It is this user-centered design philosophy that dictates every device we specify into our systems. By assessing each application on it's own merit, we can create a custom-tailored solution that can fit any facility's end-user capability and budget.

Auditorium Integrated AV Systems


Ampitheater Teaching Spaces


ADA Sound Reinforcement Designs


Classroom Audio Visual Systems


Public Address Systems


Master Clock Systems


State-of-the-Art AV Conferencing Solutions


Long Distance Learning Systems


Bring Your Own Device Integration




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